Use one SIM and get a mobile number in two countries

If you split your life between two countries, regularly visit home or have many friends and family in one of our countries, then Vectone Mobile's free 2 Countries 1 SIM is ideal

With one SIM that acts like two, you can effectively be in two countries at once and get all the advantages of a local SIM card with only one Vectone Mobile account. So not only do you get a local number that people can reach you on whichever country you're in, but you can also enjoy Vectone Mobile's cheap standard rates when calling

Existing customers

Simply register a second mobile number on to your existing SIM. Call Customer Services in  on 222 or +420 794 099 962 from your Vectone Mobile phone.

New customers

Order your 2 in 1 SIM!

Availability: This offer is only for Vectone Mobile Czech Republic Pay as you Go customers.

Accounts: Both numbers work off the same Vectone Mobile account, so you only have to top up one account.

Activation time: Activation is within one working day for customers with a new version SIM card. Activation is only available for the current generation of Vectone Mobile SIM card - if you have an older card we have to send you a new SIM card.

To take advantage of the feature, you must accept the Terms & Conditions.