Transfer your call credit to friends and family across the globe

Now you can send up to 200CZK a day call credit to users on the following networks

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Where do you want to transfer to?

Note: Before proceeding, double check that you are transferring call credit to the correct mobile number. Incorrect transfers cannot be reversed. To check your balance, dial *102# from your Vectone Mobile phone.

Now you can send up to 200 CZK a day call credit to users on the following networks

How to transfer call credit
mobile chat
Transfer credit by text
  1. Text ‘LOAD’ followed by the mobile number of the person e.g. LOAD 35858396803
  2. Send text to 346
  3. Wait for notification text and follow the instructions
mobile chat
Transfer credit online
  1. Log in to My Vectone
  2. Click ‘Call Credit Transfer’
  3. Click ‘Add a new recipient’ and enter their details (any number you’ve transferred to before will appear in the ‘My recipients’ list)
  4. Choose the amount you would like to transfer and confirm
  5. Wait for transfer confirmation text

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