• Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_1
    1. Select Menu/Apps.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_2
    2. Select Settings from the Menu.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_3
    3. Select Settings > Mobile networks. Make sure that Mobile networks is connected.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_4
    4. Select Mobile networks settings > Access Point Names.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_5
    5. Select ADD.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_6
    6. Select APN to set Access Point Name.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_7
    7. Enter ‘webcy.mundio.com' and click ‘OK’.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_8
    8. Now, select Name to set the name.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_9
    9. Enter ‘Vectone’ to the Name field and click ‘OK’.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_10
    10. Select ‘MORE’.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_11
    11. Save the settings.
  • Vectone_service_setting_automatic_android_step_12
    12. Make sure ‘Vectone’ is selected. That’s it, you can start browsing the internet!

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